Who Can Get A Card

Lebanon Public Library is located in Boone County, Indiana. Any resident or property owner of Center Township may obtain a free library card. Proof of address is required for new card applications.

Residents outside the taxing district may purchase a fee card. The 2016 rate is $70 for a year. This card has full use at any Evergreen Indiana library. The yearly rate works out to less than $6 a month. Free library cards are also available to students living within the boundaries of the Lebanon School Corporation even if they live outside the Library's taxing district.

Regular library and fee card holders may also purchase a Public Library Access Card (PLAC) to use at any public library in Indiana. The fee is set by the state; the 2016 rate is $65. Please ask at the Adult Circulation desk for more information or to purchase a PLAC card. If you live in Sugar Creek, Washington, or Jefferson Townships, your home library is Thorntown Public Library. You must obtain your Evergreen Indiana card at the Thorntown Library to use the Lebanon Public Library.

What You Will Need To Do

The Lebanon Public Library has a variety of materials for use in the Library and for check-out. When borrowing materials for check-out, an Evergreen Indiana Borrowers Card is required.

Card applications are available at the Circulation Desk in the Library lobby.

A valid library card is required in order to check out materials at an Evergreen Indiana Library. Resident patrons of the Evergreen Indiana Consortium libraries shall receive a green Evergreen Indiana library card subject to certain limitations. Evergreen Indiana library cards are not transferable.

Applicants for an Evergreen Indiana library card must present the required approved identification in person at the Evergreen Indiana library that will issue the library card..

Signing an Evergreen Indiana library card denotes acceptance of responsibility for all fines and fees and for payment for lost or damaged materials. A parent or legal guardian showing proper identification may register a minor child for an Evergreen Indiana library card.

Registering a minor child for an Evergreen Indiana library card denotes acceptance of responsibility for all fees, fines and payment for lost or damaged materials charged on such minor’s library card. Emancipated minors will be asked to present evidence of their status to void the necessity of the presence of a parent or guardian. Registering a minor child for an Evergreen Indiana library card denotes an acknowledgement and understanding that Evergreen Indiana libraries own and circulate videos, dvds and unrated television series that may be geared toward a more mature audience and that a minor child will have access to materials for both adults and children and will be able to check out any of these materials.

A parent or guardian may request a "limited access" card which prevents the user from checking out "R-rated" audiovisual materials. Proper identification must be presented to apply for an Evergreen Indiana library card. Proper identification is a photo ID (valid Indiana Driver's License or Indiana State ID) which lists a current local address.

If the presented photo ID does not have a current address, the applicant must present one item from the Approved List in addition to the photo ID. Approved Proof of Address includes:

  • valid Indiana driver's license
  • valid Indiana State ID
  • valid voter registration card
  • valid current government issued ID (e.g., military ID, passport)
  • recent bank statement
  • a recent utility bill
  • tax receipt

The charge for a replacement Evergreen Indiana library card is two dollars ($2.00). Proper identification must be presented to obtain a replacement library card. Resident and Outreach cards are valid for two years. Nonresident, Reciprocal Borrower, Temporary, PLAC and Student cards are valid for one year.

Patrons of Indiana public libraries not participating in the Evergreen Indiana Consortium may receive a blue library card at an Evergreen Indiana library pursuant to reciprocal borrower and other agreements. Users from non-participating Indiana libraries will not have the same privileges as Evergreen Indiana patrons and such cards may be suspended at any time without notice.