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Generous volunteers, donors, and community members are instrumental in supporting the library’s valuable programs and resources.

To leave your mark on our community, volunteer with the Friends of the Library, contribute to our Giving Tree, or honor a loved one through donation or memorial pavers.

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Giving Tree

Memorials, honors, & donations

Memorial Pavers

The Memorial Pavers outside the library’s main entrance were installed in 2006 as part of the library’s second building expansion.


The index identifies the locations of the pavers. The first digit of the location is the section number, the letter is that section’s row, and the final two digits indicate that section’s column. Example: 1K14 indicates that the paver is located in the 14th column of row K of section 1. The sections are numbered from left to right: Sections 1-3 are on the left side of the entrance; Sections 4-6 are on the right side of the entrance. See the Paver Location Chart for a visual representation of the pavers’ locations.

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