Memorials and Honors

Memorial and Honor Donations

Memorial and honor donations are monetary donations of $20 or more. The library uses the donations to acquire new books for the collection. Once the item is purchased, a bookplate is affixed to the inside of the book with the information you provide honoring your loved one. Suggested topics for titles are allowed; however, final title selection is at the discretion of the library within the guidelines of the Collection Development Policy. Please note that memorial and honor items are not a permanent addition to the library. They are subject to the same replacement schedule as all other materials in the collection.

Request Form

Use this form to begin your donation process. Once the request is received, a librarian will contact you with details about the monetary collection.

Open book standing on surface with example donation memorial bookplate affixed to page.
Memorial pavers outside the Lebanon Public Library in 2006.

Memorial Pavers

The Memorial Pavers outside the library’s main entrance were installed in 2006 as part of the library’s second building expansion.

Download Paver Index

How to locate your paver

The index identifies the locations of the pavers. The first digit of the location is the section number, the letter is that section’s row, and the final two digits indicate that section’s column.

Example: 1K14 indicates that the paver is located in the 14th column of row K of section 1. The sections are numbered from left to right:

  • Sections 1-3 are on the left side of the entrance
  • Sections 4-6 are on the right side of the entrance

See the Paver Location Chart for a visual representation of the pavers’ locations.

Download Location Chart

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