Ann Garoffolo-Goar – Monetary gift, Mike, Jeannie, Abby, David Martin

Monetary gift, Giddings, Whitsitt, Williams and Nooning

Monetary gift, Keith and Brenda Burkholder

Monetary gift, Trudy Williams

Monetary gift, Pixie Playhouse Day Care Center, Inc.

Monetary gift, Julia Ritter

Monetary gift, S. Drew Kissel

Monetary gift, Robert and Janet Goar

Monetary gift, Keith and Martha Campbell

Monetary gift, Psi Iota Xi Auxiliary

Monetary gift, Lois Buntin

Monetary gift, Tom and Ingrid Temple

Monetary gift, Allen Milburn

Monetary gift, Sally and Jerry E. Tanselle

Stay: A Girl, A Dog, A Bucket List, Tourist Club

We Were Eight Years In Power: An American Tragedy, Tourist Club


Calvin (Bud) Lenox IIILeap In, Mariam Lenox & Family

Beneath the Surface, Mariam Lenox & Family


Myra LoweMiracle Cure: The Creation of Antibiotics and the Birth of Modern Medicine, Floyd and Judy Coon


Eldon Mason – Monetary gift, Sally and Jerry E. Tanselle


Janet NelsonJulie Andrews’ Treasury for All Seasons : Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year, Delta Kappa Gamma


David RicheyThe Story of Carl Pug, The Benson Blake Family


Marjorie Duncan SipeThe Humane Gardener: Nurturing a Backyard Habitat for Wildlife, Ellen Davis & Family

No-Bake Desserts, Janet M. Freshour

The Harvest Baker, Janet M. Freshour


Anne WoodCircular Knitting Workshop, Colleen Royal




Paul and Melinda DimiceliRipley’s Believe It of Not, Breana, Emma and Lilly Pratt


Ted and Pam PrattDisney Classics: Storybook Treasury, Breana, Emma and Lilly Pratt




Monetary donations, by Magazine Club


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