Dorothy E. BeavinThe Mother With Love, Lebanon Public Library Staff

A-Z of Embroidery Stitches , Lebanon Public Library Staff

Monetary gift, Alan and Marcia Wilhoite and Family

Monetary gift, Sigmon and Jane Myers

Margaret “Billie” BrannonInstant Container Gardens, Psi Iota Xi, Omega Chapter

Marjorie Burns – Monetary gift, Ernest, Jr. & Laura Tucker

Marge BurrisWhimsical World of Boyd’s Bears; 25 years and Counting, Tourist Club

Greg Freshour I Love You, Daddy!, Branstetter Family – Larry, Sherri, Tyler & Brittany

The Story of Jesus , Branstetter Family – Larry, Sherri, Tyler & Brittany

Everett R. Hamstra – The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Tractors & Trucks , Psi Iota Xi, Omega Chapter

George Hollingsworth – When God Winks at You , Larry & Sherri Branstetter

Richard & Pat Isenhower – A Quick Reference to People, Places & Things , Peggy Keaton

Martha Jeffries – Monetary gift, Sherra Witt

Wilma Mae McClaineThe Songs of Francis, John & Erika Kouns

The Green Home , John & Erika Kouns

Mama Outside, Mama Inside , John & Erika Kouns

Shirley RochstrohOrphan Train, Magazine Club

Lois J. SchenckCleaning Magic, Psi Iota Xi, Omega Chapter

Charles SlaughterBeyond the Call, Jim & Maggie Kennedy

Monetary gift, David Bridges and Vicki Burch

Monetary gift, Barbara Crawford

Monetary gift, Jerry and Marjorie Erskine

Monetary gift, Mildred Flanary

Monetary gift, Kip and Penny Gootee

Monetary gift, Cathy Hagen

Monetary gift, Joy Hire, Debby Woodard, Larry & Lucille Worcester

Monetary gift, Kenneth and Margaret Keene

Monetary gift, Richard Lee

Monetary gift, Lebanon Reporter

Monetary gift, Million & Company P.C.

Monetary gift, David Petratis

Monetary gift, Sally and Jerry E. Tanselle; Jed Tanselle; Susan and Ken Ottinger, Lian and Sara; Jack and Laurie Tanselle, Thomas and Mary Kate

Monetary gift, Katherine Willing

Marion Wilhoite – Monetary gift, Sigmon and Jane Myers


Kay MartinRoget and His Thesaurus, Lebanon Library Board

Once Upon an Alphabet , Lebanon Library Board

The Sun Flower Sword , Lebanon Library Board

Jane Taylor – Monetary gift, Jane Myers


Monetary gift, Cleaning Solutions

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