The library has two color copiers for patron use. The main color copier is located when you first enter the building you should go up the stairs and head right towards the Adult circulation desk. Walk pass the circulation desk and the copier should be directly ahead. The copier is located along the wall and it has green arrows pointing at the paper pickup location. There is a sign on the wall that says copier. Another copier is located in the top floor computer lab.

For further directions ask the staff at the Adult Circulation desk.

  • Copies in Black and White : ¢.10 per page
  • Copies in Color : ¢.25 per page


Library Fax

The library is now offering free faxing for patrons. The documents being sent should not exceed 20 pages. However, if you are receiving a fax there is a charge of ¢.10 for each page. The public fax number is 765-680-0021