All Library Borrowing Policy

A patron must present a card in good standing registered in his/her name to borrow materials.

In most cases, a maximum of 100 items may be charged simultaneously on an Evergreen Indiana library card. There is a maximum limit of 10 DVDs, 10 videos, 6 art and 1 gaming software items per Evergreen Indiana library card. The 100 item, 10 DVDs, 10 videos, 6 art and 1 gaming software limits are calculated at the consortium level and not at the library level.

If a patron forgets their Evergreen Indiana card, they should:

  • Return to the library after retrieving their library card (in this instance, materials may be held for a limited time pending the patron’s return).
  • Purchase a replacement library card for two dollars ($2).



Most items may be renewed once.

Renewal requests may be made in person, online or by phone. Patrons may also renew their items via the OPAC “My Account” feature.

Certain categories of materials are not eligible for renewal. If a “HOLD” has been placed on an item, it may not be renewed.

For convenience, there is an outdoor book return slot just to the east of the front door. All items except art prints may be returned in this slot.
All items are due by closing time of the due date.



Overdue notices are sent as a courtesy from the Evergreen Indiana Libraries. Failure to receive notices does not exempt patrons from the responsibility for payment for library materials or overdue fines and fees.

Patrons who provide an email address will receive an email notice three days before their materials are due and an email notice on the day their materials are due.

Notices of overdue items will also be sent via email and U.S. First Class mail 14 and 28 days after the due date. A final notice, which declares the items “LOST” and assesses the replacement cost of the overdue materials and related costs, including collection costs and a $10.00 per item processing fee, will be sent via U.S. First Class mail 45 days after the due date.



To encourage the prompt return of materials, the Evergreen Indiana libraries have established a schedule of fines and fees as an encouragement for the timely return of materials by their due dates. Overdue materials incur fines of 25¢ per day per item with a $10.00 fine cap per item.

Evergreen Indiana library fines and fees shall be paid at the billing library. Patrons may pay all or a portion of overdue fines. A patron’s record will remain blocked or barred until the fines and fees are paid or the patron has resolved the matter with the particular library to restore his or her privileges.



A patron may inform library staff that an item is “LOST.” The price of the item, plus a processing fee of $10.00 per item, will be assessed to the patron’s card.

Some Evergreen Indiana Libraries have contracted with third party vendors for collection services. If third party collection services are used, a fee for collection services will be added to the patron’s record.

No refund will be given to a patron for a “Lost” item for which a patron has paid. In addition, no fines/fees and third party collection fees will be refunded.

Excerpted from the Evergreen Indiana Circulation Policy of 12/09. These policies are subject to change without notice per the rulings of the Evergreen Indiana Executive Committee. Please contact the Library if you would like any clarifications.



How long are holds available?

The length of time that holds are available for pickup depends on the type of item that has been placed on hold.

  • Holds placed on books, magazines, audiobooks, playaway, Music CDs, and videogames will be held for patrons for 7 days. If items are not picked up after 7 days, the items will be placed back into circulation or given to the next patron on the holds list.
  • Holds placed on DVD or BluRay holds will be held for patrons for 3 days. If the items are not picked up after 3 days, the items will be placed back into circulation or given to the next patron on the hold list.

Is there a fee if the hold is not picked up by a certain time?

You would not receive a fine if you were unable to pick up the hold in time. Items that are not picked up in time will be placed back into circulation or given to the next patron on the hold list.